one USD = 361 ZWD.

Being broke > Being poor “poor is a state of mind”

one person who saw something in you ang gave you a yes > 100 persons who said no to you.

one diamond > 100 stones.

one good sex > 100 bad sex.

one fun moment > 1000 dull moments.

one geniune friend > 100 fake friends.

one amazing wife > 10 different medicore lovers/mistresses.

two months of summer > 6 months of hard winter.

one success after 20 rejections > cleansheet with no rejections = no success

one unique style you created > 20 diffrent styles you immitated.

one moment on the highest mountains beats 100 of your years in the deepest valleys.

a man “for” a few people > a man “of” many people.

a wrong decision > no decision

many mistakes you learned from > one mistake you did not learn from.

fell 20 times and stood up once > fell once but never stood up.

One item you truly want/need for 1000 dollars > 10 items you don’t really
want or need much for 1000 dollars.

quality > quantity.

More is not always more and less is not always less.